Social Trading Bot Review: een ​​totale zwendel

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Social Trading Bot Review: een ​​totale zwendel

Social Trading Bot is a scam with a weird name. The company claims that it is the firm investment entity that is abusing the trading strategy. The only thing that you can expect from this fraudulent venture is the loss of funds.

The platform is an alleged automatic trading bot. The venture also states that it is the first AI software in the globe. However, this is a complete lie. There is multiple better trading software in the industry.

Social Trading Bot views itself as an efficient money-making machine. The platform also states that it has a great user-friendly interface. The company claims that there is a significant economic crisis, but they can make you rich.

The platform is also famously known as STB. It claims that despite the volatility nature of the market, they got you covered. The platform states that despite the pandemic and other unfavorable conditions facing the world, their trading bot will earn you profits.

They urge investors to join them today and stand a chance of earning tremendous profits. The algorithm of this entity was allegedly designed to optimize the market. The company also states that they use historical data and trending news to make the best out of the trading activities. Review

Social Trading Bot is software that does not have a trading history. The entity was established in April 2020. The domain is only registered for a period of one year. Therefore, their promise of being investors’ long term trusted partner is false.

Chances of this scam surviving the market for a whole year are very slim. The company is a private venture that leaves no trace of the founder. The bot allegedly makes the trading activity easier.

They optimize the fluctuation of the price. They identify the best opportunity to trade by exploring the market. The trading software is reading the news using its AI algorithm. Therefore they never miss an opportunity.

Social Trading Bot Review, Social Trading Bot-platform

Unfortunately, we do not recommend investors to engage with this get the rich quick scheme. This is because it will end in premium tears and disappointment. The platform claims that it operates best during; market crisis, significant news reports, economic shifts, and important figure announcements.

Investeer met legitieme crypto-handelssoftware that has been proven to work. You will earn reasonable and genuine returns using trustworthy trading software.  Additionally, the platforms are regulated by the authority. Therefore, you will not lose your funds.

How Does Social Trading Bot Operate?

Social Trading Bot is a Ponzi scheme that is targeting novice investors in the market. The entity has a 1 click feature. Therefore, you only need to press the button, and high returns will translate into your account.

The registration of this shady entity takes approximately 10 minutes. The scam also claims that investors receive a gift after completing this process. You will have receive expert advice (this is not a reward).

The trading software is allegedly free. Therefore, you only need to select a broker that they have in place. Then you can start trading. The entity claims that investors can also cash out whenever they please from the brokers.

However, you should ask yourself the hard questions before buying the narrative of this scam. How does Social Trading Bot make revenue? What does the company gain if you trade with their bot? The platform is only linking you to brokers free of charge.

Cheap is expensive and does not jump to every opportunity thrown at you. The reality is that Social Trading Bot will receive a fat commission for every victim they manage to sign up. Therefore the Ponzi scheme is making money at the expense of their customers.

Trading voorwaarden

Social Trading Bot does not disclose its trading conditions. The information available on its website is insufficient. It shows a lack of seriousness because they do not stand out from their competitors.

The trading AI only brags that it will make trading easier. However, we do not know the average win rate of the software. Additionally, the drawdown that you should accept is also left out. The entity does not have trading results that investors can use to make an informed decision.

The trading bot is trading several assets. These include; CFD and Forex. However, the information regarding the currency pair, leverage, and spread that the bot can attain are not available.

We highly doubt there are any investment services taking place behind close doors. The software is a semi-automated trading bot. Therefore, investors can select the signals that they want to execute.

Social Trading Bot Contact Details

The Ponzi scheme guarantee that they have 24/7 customer support services. They also claim that the broker they partner with is the best in the industry. However, the venture is working together with unregulated brokers.

Social Trading Bot does not have an office address. The suspicious trading bot is operating in a new remote area. Trusting an offshore entity is unwise. They will disappear in thin air, leaving you high and dry.

However, this is another lie that the entity is using to win over customers. However, there are no contact details on their website. The only way to contact the company is by using live chat. It is not a reliable method because they can ignore your message.

The entity should have an email address as well as a telephone number. It will ease communication between them and the investors. Additionally, you will also have a guarantee that your money is in secure hands.

Regulering en registratie

Some people might argue that Social Trading Bot does not require a license since it does not collect funds from investors. However, the regulatory bodies make it very clear that an entity promoting or conducting investment services must have a license.

Social Trading Bot is a platform that links investors to unregulated brokers in the market. Therefore, the platform is operating illegally, and the scammer behind the entity should be put behind bars.

Ensure that you stick to regulated trading bot in the market. Trustworthy trading bots will not throw you under the bus when you least expect it. They will treat you professionally and help you whenever you need their assistance.

client feedback

Social Trading Bot is a green investment venture that does not have clients’ feedback. The platform is making bold claims, yet nobody is interested in their dirty scheme. If the bot is as good as it brags, then we should see a broad audience flocking at their platform.

Sadly, this is not the case. Lack of reputation creates distrust. Nobody wants to be a guinea pig. The trading bot will not survive long in the market as it is doomed to fail. Stay away from this entity to avoid facing the consequences.


Social Trading Bot is a Ponzi scheme that does not care about investors. The entity brags that it is using AI to make huge returns for their clients. However, there is no existing customer feedback on trading results to verify their claims.

Trade with legit reputable crypto trading bots in the universe. The entities care about their clients. Additionally, you will also make a decent amount of return. Most importantly, they regulated by the authority.

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